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Eletronic Health Records Solutions

Electronic Health Records - just thinking about those three words can be overwhelming.

  • What system do I choose?
  • How do I transition from traditional records to EHR?
  • How will I get my physician’s and staff trained?
  • How much will this cost?

Using a combination of well-known software and our teams expertise in both the technology and medical fields, we offer a comprehensive solution to help you transition to Electronic Medical Records.  We don’t just sell you the software and send you on your way to figure it out.  Our consultants will:

  • Evaluate your practice to help you determine what solution is right for you
  • Set-up and customize the software to your office
  • Set-up and guide you on the import process
  • Customized in-house training for your physicians and staff
  • Regularly scheduled implementation checks for the first year
  • Help you navigate the confusing path to earn stimulus dollars for your practice

Having a properly designed and implemented system is crucial to Meaningful Use Initiatives.  Working with us to implement a system and obtain these funds can potentially pay for your entire system.

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