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The Love - Hate relationship of IT support.

By the very nature a Cost Plus or Hourly repair support arrangement we have set ourselves up to become advisories. Don't misunderstand me we LOVE our clients and our clients LOVE us. 

How ever we are on the opposite side of each others goals. We have to wait with baited breath for something to break, you have to watch every minute we are on site as we dig into your profit margin. Add the stress having something already break like down time, lost productivity and the un expected repairs bills all make for a very fragile relationship. 

A better way... 

We never lock our clients into a long term contract. A simple 30 day agreement is all that we require. If at anytime you are not completely satisfied with the level and value that we provide, we will be glad to revert you back to your prior arrangement. 

How does this work?

Once we review your environment, discuss options and requirements we will present a budget. If you agree we can begin our truly MUTUAL relationship. You no longer have to deal with the stress and unexpected costs of IT support and we have the shared best interest to keep your network up and running. Going forward if your network breaks - we now have added expense and stress eating into OUR profits not YOURS. 

We are now partners with a shared goal in mind. Lower cost and better profitability!

Doesn't that make better sense? Contact us today or 239-430-2321


Proactive vs. Reactive

How does it work?

We prefer a more civil, predictable and proactive approach to managing your IT infrastructure.

How will this improve my bottom line?

We have robust monitoring and remediation tools at our disposal to cut down the repair times and nearly prevent unexpected breakdowns.  With proper monitoring and maintenance we estimate to 90% of all issues are manageable and preventable. Almost like patient care.

What happens if I need support?

We monitor your systems 24/7, to avoid crashes and ensure your systems are running efficiently.  We use a combination of responsive, professional and cutting edge monitoring systems to give you the best value and peace of mind.

Other benefits include:

  • Up-to-date Microsoft, anti-virus and spyware updates
  • System-wide deployment of critical updates
  • Disk integrity checks to ensure the health of your PCs
  • Real-time remote support when needed

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! IF at anytime you feel we are not providing the best value for company we will revert you back to your original settings. We will also refund the last 30 day support invoice. 

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